Dominion Dental Plan

This dental plan is not part of the FEHB, and you can enroll any time. All dues-paying members of the Tri County First Area Local, APWU, are eligible to enroll in the plan. Click on the link to obtain further information.

Union Plus Everyday Savings
Find out more about Union Plus member benefits by clicking on the image above.

Accident Benefit Association - ABA

All members of the Tri County First Area Local of the APWU are automatically enrolled in the ABA Value Plan. The cost of this comes from a portion of the bi-weekly dues you pay as a member of the Tri County Local, APWU. This $0.53 gives you a cash benefit of $12 per day, 7 days a week for an on or off the job injury resulting from you being unable to perform your duties and go to work during your convalescence. Officers and Stewards are enrolled in the ABA Advantage Plan, which pays $24 per day. The cost is born by the local as long as the 1/2 meeting attendance requirement is made each year. All members may at their option enroll in the Advantage Plan, paying the additional premium cost to receive the additional monetary benefits. You may also enroll your spouse in this plan. For more information, contact Gail Ganiszewski, our ABA Administrator.


The Union Plus Home Heating Oil Discount Program offers a rebate, for union members only. For more information, call 1-800-660-0691 or Visit the Web Site.


Members of both the APWU Health Plan High Option and Consumer Driven Option have a hearing benefit that is new this year. The American Hearing Benefits Program is a non-FEHB optional program with no additional premium that supplements the benefits of APWU Health Plan coverage. Health Plan members and their immediate family members can receive free hearing tests and discounts of up to 60 percent on hearing aid devices. To activate this free benefit, members may contact American Hearing Benefits at 1-866-925-1287.


Louis Finberg, a FERS senior analyst, attended our General Membership meeting in June and made a presentation about the services he offers. It is never too early to plan for your retirement, and Mr. Finberg can explain subjects such as the Minimum Retirement Age (MRA), MRA Supplement, Thrift Savings Plan, penalties, and more. Mr. Finberg will review your personal benefits situation free of charge and provide suggestions.

Send an e-mail to FERS Analyst Finberg or call him at 800-341-1948.