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By William Cranston, Clerk Craft Director, Summer 2014

I had the privilege of representing the Tri-County as a delegate at the National Convention in Chicago during the week of July 21st. At the convention the main topics primarily were ratifying resolutions for the APWU Constitution and the resolutions for them to use during contract negotiations. PSE protections were heavily discussed and ratified. We also debated about the elimination of NBA’s from positions that were vacant in our National APWU Headquarters to try and save the union money that could be put to better use. Of the five positions, three were removed and two were kept. We organized a rally in front of the downtown Staples store in Chicago. About 2000 people were there in attendance! We rallied around the street in front, having a stage and speakers, which included our National Officers and Jesse Jackson. We sang songs and chanted for about an hour. There were television cameras and newspaper writers who recorded us and proceeded to show it on the evening news and in the morning newspapers. We had many speakers at the convention which included Ed Schultz from the Ed show on MSNBC. He is one of the few people who really understands our issues and tells the American public the truth! I myself networked with other local officers from around the country to hear their views on topics which might affect our local. This was our new President Mark Dimondstein’s first convention. He ran it relatively cordial, but it did get testy at times as discussions and arguments tend to go. It was impressive that he really did let everyone who wanted to say something have their say. It was sometimes frustrating however hearing the same thing over and over again. I did get a chance to speak directly with Mr. Dimondstein about some issues concerning my local, and I was satisfied that he seemed to really care and he promised he would get back to me after the convention. I really did have a great time and I want to thank Tri-County for allowing me to go and represent our union. I hope to see all of you at the next meeting where you can find out much more about the convention.

In Solidarity,

Bill Cranston

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