by Lindamarie Peabody

As the holidays are almost upon us, I started to think about all the complaining that we as humans tend to do when we get overwhelmed and stressed out. I literally started to think of the thousand things that tick me off and I realized that these thoughts are negative and will never help me get anything accomplished. I then decided to change my attitude and try to think of things that I am thankful for and how a positive attitude can make a difference in the life of a postal worker.

To begin, I am always thankful for my union job with a decent wage, vacation time and health care. I never take those things for granted and am always appreciative when the check comes and I am able to pay my bills. I am thankful for my coworkers and the efforts they put in daily to try and cope with a monotonous job and supervisors who have the social skills of a tree branch. I am thankful when the customers come in and say that my smile made their day or they really appreciate all the help, free tape and advice on how to mail a glass dish to China and have it arrive safely.

I am thankful when my boss issues stamps to me after working for three days and telling customers that I can't sell you a single stamp because I don't have any commemoratives I can break apart, and that the only book of stamps I have are religious Christmas. Oh you are Jewish? Maybe you can convert or maybe CVS or BJ’s can find you a book of flag stamps. I am grateful when I don't have to lie on a box scan when I can actually get the mail up at 11:00 a.m., and not 7:00 p.m. or 8:00 p.m. at night if at all.

I am thankful when I get my drawer counted and it is 47 cents over, it is then that I realize that this was a good month and I didn't stiff one customer who asked for cash back and I forgot to give it to them because I wasn't really paying attention. I am ecstatic when I open up a stamp drawer and I don't find any leftover money orders, gum wrappers, loose change, credit card receipts, car keys, and a half-eaten Butterfinger or any foreign matter that I can't identify.

I am thankful for the customers who believe me when I tell them that their hold mail MUST be with the carrier because I can't find it in the back. The same thing applies when I tell them that their parcel has been scanned arrived at unit, missent, arrived at unit again three days later, out for delivery, delivered, available for pickup and now it seems to have disappeared, and they just smile at me rather than hit me, for that I am grateful. I am happy when I can find anything that was notified by a carrier and I tell the customer that they should play the lottery because luck was on their side today.

My favorite thing to be thankful for is when a customer calls and yells at me for twenty minutes and I come to find out that she doesn't live in my zip code where I work. It is then that I take her side, and tell her that Media Post Office would NEVER misdeliver her mail and here is the number to the post office that serves your zip code!

Also, nothing makes me more appreciative of my job than when my boss tells me we need to have a meeting and I am going to change everyone's job and drop days. I am thankful when he asks me what I think and acts as though my suggestions and opinions are truly being considered, as he hands me a prepared new bid list with NIFTY jobs and Sunday/Wednesday drops for all.

Finally, the last thing I am truly grateful for is when my coworker brings me a cup of WAWA coffee made to perfection and says...you look like hell and I thought you could use one! This small gesture really puts things into perspective, or maybe it's the caffeine, but it really makes me realize that life is too precious to sweat the small stuff. Make each day count and learn to be grateful for whatever can get you through the work day!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving Day holiday and that we count our blessings, however they come!

P.S. Please return the Children's Holiday Party Flyer ASAP if you plan to attend so we can ensure each child gets a special gift from Santa.

In union solidarity,

Lindamarie Peabody
Director of Industrial Relations/Editor