by Lindamarie Peabody

OK! Here it is in a nutshell, in my opinion. Postmaster Potter is out to destroy the Post Office. He wants to end six-day delivery, close over ten thousand Post Offices, and make all of the employees part-time. He wants to lower your salary and benefits, take away your layoff protection and consolidate all of the Mail Processing Network facilities, so he can reduce the workforce and replace you with a new employee who will make peanuts and always be a PTF. He wants to give MORE discounts to the major mailers who have millions, and charge the working class more money for an individual stamp. He has projected a $238 billion dollar loss over the next ten years, which was a complete fabrication and could never happen, so that he could achieve all of these objectives and basically screw us over in our contract negotiations, which will begin in September. He is using his political influence and money to pressure lawmakers into giving into his selfish demands and expects that we will all just ignore it and let it happen. If you feel OK that our top boss wants to completely destroy our future, then by all means, do nothing. Complain to yourself and your co-workers about how bad working conditions are and that the Union does nothing for you anyway. If your conscience says that you can sit by and play dead, then more power to you! If any part of this reaches your brain and you feel moved to act, if purely for selfish reasons, then you know what you have to do. I can preach to you all day about the importance of politics in our future, but I can't MAKE you do anything. That totally ticks me off beyond belief! The mere fact that we are in danger of losing everything we have fought for as a Union and it could disappear because we are too complacent to send a letter or flip an email to our elected representatives is very frustrating. The fire needs to be in all of us to decide that we just won't let this man get away with his preposterous proposals that defy good business practices. We all need to contribute money to COPA and tell our congressional representatives, senators, families and friends the importance of keeping high quality mail service for six days a week. OK, if I beg each and every one of you to do something, will you make it a priority to write or call one representative this month and let them know that you value the Postal Service and want it to be a viable organization well into the future? Unfortunately, by this sentence you have already forgotten what I have asked you to do and have probably moved on in your thoughts. Prove me wrong and take action to support our jobs and keep our members working!

In closing, I hope all of you will have a wonderful vacation where you can lay on a beach, with a drink in your hand, warm sun beating gloriously down on your face and say...darn it!...I forgot to write that letter to that elected official to save my job...maybe when I get back home...hmmm...:-)

In union solidarity,

Lindamarie Peabody
Director of Industrial Relations/Editor