by Gail Ganiszewski, Legislative Director/Director of Services

This was my third opportunity to represent our local as a delegate. I am happy to report that the experience was just as exciting and rewarding to me this year as it was 4 years ago at the Philadelphia Convention Center, my first.

There were many significant resolutions offered to the delegation for consideration. Two in particular were from the Constitution Committee. Resolution #6 addressed changing Article 21 of the APWU Constitution which presently gives the President the authority to replace any vacancy, due to attrition, of the general, administrative and departmental National Officer's position including Director of Clerk Division between conventions, subject to a majority approval of the National Executive Board. After long and numerous debates, the body decided to defeat this resolution. The delegates from our local agreed with the decision. I personally feel that this major decision shows the trust that we have in our President and elected National Officers.

The other significant resolution, I felt, was Resolution #16, from Article 16 of the Constitution: Fiscal Year, Revenues and Charters, calling for a dues increase of $3.00 per pay period introduced by the Alabama Postal Workers Union. The resolution proposed that $1.00 go to the national and $2.00 per pay period to go to local/state organizations. Again, after a very long debate, including President Burrus speaking out against the resolution, President Burrus told the delegates earlier during his State of the Union address that National was doing fine financially. I am proud to report that the majority of the delegation voted against Resolution #16.

We have received word that on September 1, 2010, the APWU began the contract negotiations for our new contract. The present Collective Bargaining Agreement expires in November 2010. These negotiations will be fueled by the resolutions that the delegates have passed. For more info on the convention and resolutions that were adopted, visit our APWU National web site.

In union solidarity,

Gail Ganiszewski
Legislative Director