by Gail Ganiszewski, Legislative Director

It’s election time again and I would like to encourage all of the members of Tri County First Area Local to utilize this opportunity to make your vote count by electing "Working Family Friendly Candidates."

Most of you know me by Gail G. and I have been elected Legislative Director since 2007. In 2006, I was asked to "volunteer" to be released from working for the USPS. I was sent to work for the AFL-CIO to help campaign for "Labor 2006." At the time, I was the Clerk Craft Director for Tri County and I had no experience in the political activities that the labor movement held during election time.

Well, I enjoyed meeting and learning about the candidates and the other union political activities so much so that I decided to run for Legislative Director the next time Tri County held elections. Consequently, I have had the opportunity to be "released" every two years since I began in 2006. I proudly represent the APWU and work together with the other international unions.

Every other year the 56 unions, around the country, in the AFL-CIO (American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations) release a number of their members to go help work to campaign for months leading up to the elections. In most cases the "released" staff will contact union members by going to their homes or calling them on the phone to ask them to vote and informing them of who they should vote for in their wards and precincts.

Of course voting is a personal decision, but the "should" mentioned earlier are voting recommendations for endorsed candidates by the union presidents and political directors who we feel confident will vote for and support "Working and Union Friendly Family" issues.

Most of us live in Pennsylvania. Those of us who do live in PA should have received a letter from our local letting you know who we suggest you vote for on November 4th. The races and candidates will differ according to where you live. For those of us who live in a state other than PA, if you would like to know who the union recommends you vote for, please contact me personally - Gail G. at (610) 715-2668.


In union solidarity,

Gail Ganiszewski
Legislative Director