by Gail Ganiszewski, Legislative Director/Director of Services

Tri County First Area Local is invested in the political future of the Postal Service. More than any other time, since former President Bush signed the bill to pre-fund the Postal Pension in 2006, the future of the Postal Service has been under attack from the "Political Machine" that has been trying to privatize the Service, from without and within.

That being said, we at the Tri County First Area Local have committed ourselves to supporting the fight to building a better future for the Postal Service by contributing to the COPA Campaign year after year.

Our Local is very small compared to most in the APWU with the total number of our membership. Even though our membership numbers have been dwindling year after year, and we are sure it has been happening everywhere, our commitment to supporting the political fight has only increased.

For years, at every general membership meeting, we hold a 50/50 drawing for COPA contributions. However, where we have excelled is in the regular contributions that many of Tri County officers and members make by automatic payroll deduction and mail-in contributions to COPA.

So much so, that we were awarded $300 for reaching our Local’s threshold for COPA contributions. This award was given to us by the APWU COPA Committee to fund future COPA fund raising endeavors.

Here at Tri County First Area Local we are doing our part to help preserve the Postal Service and consequently our jobs by supporting our National APWU Leaders’ political negotiations and activities. We strongly believe that by example we can show in addition to voting in our general elections it is essential that we help to elect Working Family friendly candidates by contributing to COPA.

In union solidarity,

Gail Ganiszewski
Legislative Director