By Tom McMenamy, Editor, The Brooklyn Bridge, November/December 2008

At press time, there has been a rash of heated verbal confrontations involving our members against supervisors and managers on Tour 3. The main topic of these altercations are? Getting the mail out!!!

For the life of me, I can't understand why anyone on Tour 3 would get into an argument over mail operations. Managers and Supervisors are paid handsomely to manage the mail. Some are good at it, some should be picking strawberries for a living. We don't have the right or the obligation to interfere with how the work floor is managed. The days of managing mail have long since passed. Supervisors today are juggling numbers and time to please their superiors. Many have reached the point where they are simply one more anxiety attack away from an emergency room visit. Please remember, in these instances, management is always right! Put on your blinders and turn your head away. Conduct yourself with dignity and grace. It's their rope and they should dangle from it. This is what they want. We should not interfere!

Many of us have a work ethic that management has never taken notice of. Let me rephrase that! We have been covering for the weak links in management for a very long time. Now they are being exposed for what they truly are. In any event we should not be getting into heated exchanges over the mail. As I have been told before by some of the big shots upstairs: Management reserves the right to be incompetent. We shall not deny them that right!


If you feel that you are being discriminated against or that you are being disrespected or abused by a manager or supervisor, I need you to start documenting every occurrence that you feel this is happening. Who, What was said, Where they said it, Time and Date. Keep a notation of all witnesses. Documentation from them is a plus. This documentation is the evidence chain that will help us put an end to your grief. It helps us help you. If you tell me that a manager or supervisor is verbally abusing you and you do not wish to document it, I still will address it. But it will become the equivalent of the slap on the wrist for management. Documentation is our baseball bat. They won't get away with it with documentation!


As you are well aware we are severely shorthanded on Tour 3. That being the case, it is imperative that you always protect yourself first! A single clerk should not be performing the work of two. The bean counters upstairs love this, as it gives them an opportunity to revert or abolish a bidded job. If you feel you are being pushed beyond your physical capabilities, ask for help! If help is not provided fill out a 1767. If you get hurt on the job because you feel you are doing the right thing by trying to get the mail out at all costs, you are going to find out the hard way how much management appreciates your efforts. If you take a few days off, you will be disciplined. If you claim you were hurt on the job, management will jump through hoops trying to disallow your OWCP claim. Again, Please protect yourself!


Our work environment is deteriorating at a rapid pace. There are many management types who are absolutely enjoying all the chaos and instability on the work floor. These are the misfits that spread the rumors that lead to hostile attitudes on the work floor. That's why you are hearing different rumors every day. Today's rumor is more absurd as yesterday's. These people have a disrespectful attitude not only to us clerks, but to the mailhandlers as well.

Currently, we have Managers who perform supervisor work, (ex.) attendance, mail flow. We have supervisors who are performing work and being paid as glorified clerks or mail handlers.

Here's my proposal. Make all current clerks Level 17. Since the postal service has no problem paying supervisors Level 17 to do clerk work, we are going to file a grievance based on disparagement treatment. They are favoring one over another. There can't be two pay scales for performing the same work!

My second proposal is, every time a supervisor does bargaining unit work, their pay scale is to be knocked down to level 6. If they want to perform the work of a clerk, they should get paid like a clerk! Management is proving that there is too many of themselves on the work floor. They have no other function other than to do bargaining unit work!