by Steve Kendall, North Sectional Director, Milwaukee WI Area Local APWU

The postal service is rolling out, by district, a new area on the LiteBlue site. Our district is one of the first to get it. We can now access our personnel file under EOPF. In this file you should be able to find anything that pertains to your employment with the postal service. Most of the forms will be form 50. Some of the other forms will be your TSP enrollment form, your life insurance enrollment form, etc. etc.

After hearing that you could view your file via the Internet, I took the opportunity to review what was in my file. One form I found particularly interesting was a grievance settlement. The only problem was that the settlement was for another employee! I was the steward in this case but I was not the grievant. In other words, this document should not be in my file. I would suggest that you look at your file to see if there is something in there that does not belong to you.

Take A Little Time

Hopefully in the near future, you find the time to look at your file. After checking your OPF records, if you discover a form that needs amending or deleting you will now need to fill out a PS Form 8043. This is a newly created form titled Request to Amend Electronic Official Personnel Folder (eOPF).

Once you complete the hard copy, it must be dropped off or mailed to your district or area Human Resource office.