By Meghan McCafferty

I hope everyone is having a great summer! I just wanted to take the time to remind all of our members that if you happen to have an issue with management and you feel it warrants a grievance, contact your steward or area representative ASAP! We only have (14) days from the date of occurrence, the day discipline is received or the day that you are notified by management of an issue, to file the grievance. Your steward or rep needs time to investigate and prepare your grievance before meeting with management. So please do not wait until the last minute to notify the union steward if you have an issue.

In other news, we are starting a campaign to get our 33 non-members to sign up for the union. After all, why should they enjoy most of the benefits for free!! Not to mention some of the other benefits they could use if they were members. For instance, the APWU Health Plan and the ABA are something they might be interested in learning more about. If you have any non-members in your office, encourage them to join or at least come to a meeting and find out what we all do to keep our union strong!

In Solidarity,

Meghan McCafferty