By Mark Hennessy


It is finally here, even though we did get by with a mild winter. But it is always nice to hear the sound of the crowd roar at the crack of the bat and follow the flight of a homerun ball sailing over the fence and the home team prevailing with a win!

In stark contrast is the wait of the arbitrators’ decision on a new 3 year term contract. What will we gain or lose or maybe even maintain in benefits, wages, salaries and working conditions?

We know our APWU National Team of negotiators presented all of our demands for the actual fair and deserving rewards for our full days of work to earn what we sow. The winners should also be the American people for having the world’s best Postal Service, serving every home in every community in the fifty states and its possessions. But staying vigilant to those wishing to destroy us by privatization - "Staples, Pitney-Bowes, UPS, Fed-Ex" and all others wanting to take away the oldest of US Government Agencies - The US Postal Service formerly just the US Post office!

Service is what we give to our customers, and this is what we must protect by being the best employees by doing our jobs to the best of our abilities by showing courtesy, friendliness and knowledge of our jobs, by giving our best efforts to maintain what our customers pay for "our ultimate jobs" and our living wages and benefits.

It is up to us - one and all - DO YOUR BEST - eight hours of work for eight hours of pay!

Maintain the status quo, keep the USPS growing and serving the public.

In Solidarity,
Mark Hennessy
President TCAL
















Southeastern Area Labor Federation of Pennsylvania