By Mark Hennessy

Here we are, the long awaited summer vacation period where we can all relax by getting away to the shore, mountains or even to theme parks of Hershey, Six Flags, King’s Dominion, Dorney, Clementon or maybe that trip for the young kids to Walt Disney World!

Whatever, even if trips to the shore points, it is a good time to get away and relax! Be safe and have a great summer.

The Union will be busy monitoring National Negotiations for a new contract with our employer, the United States Postal Service. The latest round sees mediation, followed by Interest Arbitration if no agreement. You all see the issues in your APWU Postal Bulletins and the National Magazine. Wages, benefits - cost of living, no layoff, another new tier of lower wage starting employee and higher contributions to your health plan premiums.

Remember, the National APWU requests every Thursday you wear your support APWU clothing buttons, wrist bands, etc.

Local wise, National has asked again to mobilize and sign up our 32 non-members. TCAL is organized at 86 percent, but we can do better. Our local organizing committee, headed up by Director of Services Meghan McCafferty of our Clifton Heights office, and officers VP and Chief Steward Carol Ann Santosusso of Broomall office, Rich Brown, Business Agent of Media and Director of Industrial Relations, and Editor Lindamarie Peabody, Bill Cranston, Clerk Craft Director of our Norristown officers and Legislative Director Gail Ganiszewski from our Woodlyn office. Our secondary team will help our stewards and area stewards (officers) by pitching in to carry the union’s message - "BELONG."

In other upcoming news, the Local will be making changes in our monthly meeting dates. At our May meeting, a proposal to eliminate our January meeting because of repeated inclement weather, year after year, was discussed. It was accepted and a new proposed calendar is being sent to all officers and stewards for their acceptance of replacing January with either July or December.

TCAL Constitution requires nine (9) scheduled meetings each year. Sent out proposals and returns will be tabulated and a new yearly schedule will be presented to the Strath Haven Condominium management for approval for the 2016 year to begin with the February meeting.

Other news - the National APWU ALl Craft Convention is scheduled in October. Tri County will be following our Constitution in sending delegates to this event.

Enjoy your summer, but again, BE SAFE!

In Solidarity,
Mark Hennessy