By Mark Hennessy

2014 is an election year for all officer and steward positions within the Tri-County Area Local. Article 8 of the Constitution governs the procedures to be used in running the nominations and eventual elections. Section 7 states "Any member in good standing may be a candidate for office/steward with paid up dues and must attend 6 of the business meetings. A member in good standing may be credited with absentee attendance by submitting in writing to the President the particulars of their absence either prior to or five (5) calendar days after a scheduled meeting. The President will rule on the acceptance of all requests."

Nominations will be considered by the elections committee at the May general membership meeting. Nominating petitions will be available beginning April 1st and must be postmarked by May 10th and received by May 15th. There will be no additional nominations after the regular June monthly meeting. All candidates will be announced at the September meeting.

The election of office stewards will take place in November. All candidates, including incumbents, must notify the President of the Tri-County Area Local by June 1st in writing.

Actual contested positions for officer and steward positions will be held by the mailing of ballots by the election committee no later than December 1st of the election year.

In Solidarity,
Mark Hennessy