By Mark Hennessy

Here is the question of the day: How can a postal employee not want to belong and support the Union that gives them the following?

  • An eight hour day of work
  • A 40 hour a week position
  • Overtime after 40 hours of work/8 hours in a day
  • Choice of health benefits
  • Nine paid holidays
  • Paid sick leave and vacation days
  • No layoff protection
  • Opportunities for advancement

These are just some of the many benefits of belonging to the organization that obtains these benefits in negotiations with their employer, yet we still have some non-members who fail to realize these advantages! Here are some of the answers from these employees who are non-members.

  • I don’t believe in unions.
  • I can’t afford the dues they take from my pay.
  • I don’t like the officers or stewards I have.
  • I do my job so I don’t need protection from management.
  • Why should I pay dues, when they have to represent me anyway.

The excuses go on and on. Do these members really think that the employer will give them these benefits out of the goodness of their hearts?

The real question should be: Isn’t it time that those who do not want to join and support all that the union gains through collective bargaining should be excluded from receiving any of these benefits? Then we would see and hear their response of that isn’t fair! REALLY! Maybe when Staples, Office Max and Depot, Hallmark, Pitney Bowes, UPS, FedEx and big business privatize the service they will wake up and wonder what happened and where did my job go? Or will it ultimately by that we the Union caused it by making demands for a living wage and respect from our employer - again, REALLY! Tell all those non-members to get on board now before it’s too late!

In Solidarity,
Mark Hennessy