By Mark Hennessy

The Issa bill has been reported out of committee on a strictly party line vote with all Republicans, including our local congressman, Republican Pat Meehan, going along with the herd instinct of the party, completely showing contempt of not only the APWU and NALC but also of the majority of the patrons we serve. Two versions of the committee bill have been reported - one by the Issa bill itself and one by the USPS spokesperson. What was reported to the media was to drastically cut door to door service for 37 MILLION houses (as reported in USA Today) and the USPS said that only malls, business centers, retail shopping centers and new construction of developments would be affected. Who do you believe? So much is being kicked around in Washington, it's hard to separate the facts from fiction, and we are in for a difficult ride!

Not to forget those managers (Media Postmaster) who completely show disdain for recently trying to unsuccessfully close the Lima and Moylan Post Offices and further reducing the Elwyn hours, for no apparent reason other than the Media Post Office being severely understaffed since the disastrous excessing of eighteen clerks, only to have the office further reduced by retirements, and then choosing to close offices rather than maintain the staffing necessary to continue current operations. The office is still waiting to have the last two who were excessed be offered their retreat rights. Meanwhile, clerks are working unlasting overtime each day as well as their non-scheduled days. The local was never notified of the PM's request and never received a formal reply from the Philadelphia District Office, even though the end result was denied and the offices were to be staffed with no hour reductions to our patrons.

Now let's get back to pending postal legislation. The APWU, NALC, and Mail Handlers unions are fighting with an all-out push during the first week of August to rally the membership, the congressmen and women, and diligently get the support of our patrons to support and sponsor favorable legislation to the USPS. Ultimately all members must get into action and let your voices be heard. Spread the word to family, friends and neighbors as we are now heading into the critical mode of the very existence of the United States Postal Service as we know it.

The final say will be what our elected congressional leaders will decide. The big issue is PRIVATIZATION giving UPS, FED-EX and PITNEY BOWES your jobs!! We will be sending each office information regarding the legislation and things to do to help out the cause. Please do your best to protect your job, it is crunch time and tomorrow may be too late! You know once it's gone...IT WILL NOT RETURN!

In Solidarity,
Mark Hennessy