By Mark Hennessy

Tri County Area Local completed nominations at the June meeting. The entire Executive Board with the exception of the Maintenance Craft position was re-nominated with no changes.

The President has appointed nominated steward Julio Cebollero (Maintenance Craft member) of the Drexel Hill/Pilgrim Gardens offices to finish the remaining three months of Charles Hee’s vacation position.

There will also be an election in Clifton Heights/Secane offices for the steward position. Incumbent Eric Miller will be challenged by Meghan McCafferty. The election committee will be mailing ballots out in early November.

The new Post Ten Memo will give P.T.F’s an opportunity to become traditional (full time 40 hours) or non-traditional positions of the hours of the office negotiated by the Local and USPS. The memo can be found on the APWU website or at the Union office.

STAPLES - our biggest threat surpassing that of Sears and Hallmark - it’s time our members step up their efforts to the public that their post offices are in jeopardy wherever USPS and Staples are in proximity of each other.

Members, we need your all to get active in this fight to save jobs and post offices.

In Solidarity,
Mark Hennessy