By Mark Hennessy

We rang out the old, and we ring in the new! Goodbye 2012, welcome 2013!

Yet, the struggles we faced as a union before are still with us today. It is clear that the USPS is heading the way of a much leaner work force but also one that is going away from its core responsibility to the citizens of the United States - that of Universal Service. Service is, and to all, what we really are about. We are moving more and more away from what has made the USPS what it really is - its workforce, the men and women that make it all happen.

Reducing the service hours and the threat of one less day of delivery is just the opposite of what our competitors are doing. We are giving them our business! UPS was down and out until we handed them our parcel business, then it became overnight delivery to build on with Fed-Ex!

It is coming from within, with those who do not seem to care, could care less, just wiling away their time to lucrative retirements. For those of you who do not understand the importance of the USPS to the overall economy of the United States, think long and hard about what it is all about. Money and Big Business!

The USPS is a trillion dollar overall bearing on our collective economy - greeting card companies, with their illustrations, writers' graphic arts, the transportation industry, the paper mill industries, and on and on the related industries that depend on the survival of the USPS.

So we are reducing our service, why are we giving away the business? Why are we abandoning a work place and work force - proven over the years?

Very simple, $ Big Business, they want their hands on what the USPS employees have developed over the years. Does it sound and look like our last political campaign for the Presidency? But hold on, stay the course and pray our National Union has the wisdom and cooperation our other Union Brothers and Sisters to guide their memberships and Leaders to help restore the USPS to SERVICE!

In Solidarity,
Mark Hennessy