Well, here we are in a new year - 2006! What is ahead for postal workers? We know the Washington scene promises more US Postal Service cutbacks, attempts to privatize and destroy our collective bargaining to plain, just plain begging. Health plan cuts, no layoff clause out the window, overtime, annual and sick leave cutbacks or eliminated. Job security - just a dream of the past. But wait - here comes 350,000 APWU represented employees rampaging L'Enfant Plaza, deluging their elected representatives with cries of outrage, union-busting, slave wages and no benefits.

Well, just look around and see what is happening across the USA. Is Walmart good for America? Wages - minimum, no paid holidays, no sick leave, no overtime, no holiday pay, no benefits. Do our members really care or just ignore what is happening? With over 75,000 non-members dragging us down, not paying dues to the organization to look out for all APWU craft members, what would happen if it were 350,000? Would it be better 425,000 members? You better believe it, there is strength in numbers and a strong link in the chain multiplied over makes that chain even stronger! Sign up that non-member. They need us, we need them!

You will find in this issue (below) an Inspector "What To Do" sheet. Cut it out and keep it in your locker, get a wallet size card from your Steward or call the Union Office, we will make sure you receive one. We have had many instances of Inspector activity with some of our members over the last year, and even into this year. Know your rights, ask questions - the most important question: "I want my shop steward in any interview with any management personnel," which includes the US Postal Inspection Service. They are trained to interrogate you. Are you equally trained? Ask/demand a steward immediately. They must accommodate this request.

A busy year ahead, arbitrations, PA State APWU Convention in April, Steward training in June and the National Convention will be held in Philadelphia in August. Excessing, Function Four audits, residual vacancies filled by unknown postal employees from outside our local and offices. Please take time to consider attending a union meeting or an activity sponsored by your local APWU. This is your union. You make it work and successful by your support and involvement.

Have a great year, healthful, prosperous and safe!

In Unionism,

Mark Hennessy


If questioned by a Postal Inspector, even if you believe you are not guilty of any wrong doing, it is suggested that you: (1) Remain calm; (2) Correctly identify yourself; (3) Do not physically resist an arrest or a search of your person or property; (4) Read aloud to the Postal Inspector(s) the statement below; (5) Remain silent until you have consulted with your APWU representative and/or attorney, as appropriate. This is not complete legal advice. Always consult with an attorney.


I request the presence of my APWU representative. If I am a suspect in a criminal matter, please so advise me. If so, I wish to contact my attorney. If I am under arrest, I request you to so advise me and to inform me of the reason or reasons. I do not consent to a search of my person or property. If you have a search warrant, I request to see it at this time. I do not waive any of my rights including my right to remain silent. I will not sign a waiver-of-rights form, nor admit or deny any allegation, nor make any written or oral statement unless my attorney is personally present and so advises me.