By Mark Hennessy

Downsizing the USPS is taking its toll on the Tri County Area Local as it is on most locals throughout the USA. In the 1980's, we reached a peak of over 400 members and non-members we represented in the clerk and maintenance crafts. When the latest figures come in, we will be hovering around the 200 mark, and there will be more to come in the next round of F-4's in the future.

Hopefully, Congress will come to our rescue and not only try and keep the status quo by maintaining but also expanding service in new areas to serve the American public.

They have certainly gone backwards in all areas with an approach that could spell doom and more gloom!

A prime example was the closing of the Springfield Mall Postal store where revenues were over a million dollars a year, but surely could have been even higher if they had the wisdom to expand into becoming a passport office with the facilities being underused and directly opposite of a TRAVEL AGENCY! This was a location where travelers only had to go a few feet to get their passports for an abroad trip! But no, they refused to recognize this fact even with the equipment in storage at the Media office and already trained clerks to offer this service. Ditto for the Main Office. It was as if they did not care! This was the same obvious feeling in 2006 with pre-funding requirements as set into law. Who in their right mind would approve of this requirement? 5.5 billion dollars a year over an extended 10 year period. In boxing they would call this "The fix was on." We were duped! Yet only the APWU opposed it, fully knowing the future repercussions. But sadly, our voices went unheard, as both political parties passed the measure with only the APWU opposing. The grand scheme? The road to privatization! This is what Mr. Issa and Mr. Ross are pushing, our demise and the American public's loss, never to be viable again. It is certainly amazing all the misinformation being spewed by the likes of Fox News and Mr. Issa and Mr. Ross. It is up to you, the members, to keep up the fight, make the calls, send the letters, sign the petitions, and get the truth out! We must prevail!!

In Solidarity,
Mark Hennessy