By Mark Hennessy

To open, let's start with a Phillies repeat that maybe our other Philly teams can follow! Go Phillies!

In this issue, you will find an award for the local received from the national AFL-CIO Union Plus Program for Excellence in promoting the Union Plus benefits available to all our union members, this on our one-year-old web site, TRIAPWU.ORG. Thanks go to our dedicated Webmaster and Clerk Craft Director Joanne Brown who does it all!

Our King of Prussia of Norristown office was selected as the VPP (Voluntary Protection Program) for a four-month period of safety and health requirements in conjunction with OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Act), our employer, United States Postal Service (USPS), and the American Postal Workers Union (APWU) with the National Association of Letter Carriers (NALC). It's all about safety in the workplace, they will make it happen! Do it K/P employees, make us proud!

Check out the middle pages where you will see our members' children's pictures from our annual Christmas Party with Santa. Great job again, Lindamarie (as always)!

In Unionism,

Mark Hennessy


March 24, 2009

Honorable Joe Sestak, M.C.
7th Congressional District
600 N Jackson Street
Media, PA 19063

Dear Congressman Sestak,

I am sure that you have heard about some of the problems in the United States Postal Service; such as the lack of customer service, upper management telling local postmasters and supervisors to blatantly disregard contracts with the union, and total mismanagement as a whole.

We have offices where hours are being shortened when our customers need them most - before work, during lunch and on weekends. We are told that these are cost-effective decisions. I can't see how when we have clerks in these jobs who are willing and able to work. All we are doing is inconveniencing our customers.

Our district manager said the contract would not be violated. Well, several officers have told us that their postmasters, as well as supervisors, are being told by higher officials to do it anyway or don't be afraid of the union. Clerks with set schedules from years ago are being randomly changed, and when postmasters are asked why, those who will say answer my boss told me to, even though they realize some of these changes are useless and not helpful.

We need to bring back the "Service" part of the United States Postal Service to our customers before it's too late. A Congressional Investigation would be a good place to start. Therefore, we are asking your office to help our dedicated workers and union members to be allowed to do the job they do so well day in and day out.


Mark Hennessy
Tri County First Area Local #3800, APWU

CC: Mike Gallagher, Coordinator, Eastern Area; James Gallagher, Acting District Manager


By Mark Hennessy

U.S. Postal Service, not service anymore. Who is getting screwed here?

  • Public - no services available
  • PTF's - no hours - reduced
  • FTR's - using your annual leave instead of forcing the US Postal Service to give you administrative leave

This all started with POOM A. Faella closing offices around the July 4th holiday. Then it was Labor Day, did we miss Veteran's Day?...Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's Day.

Are they saving money here? NO! How could they be? Regulars are available and still get paid - well, they save on PTF hours, the clerks who really need the hours. So what will happen here? Every holiday we reduce service to the public, we violate the local memos that control the amount of leave that they supposedly let you use, your yearly allotted working hours are reduced further. This will trickle down to less hours for PTF's, eventually less full-time hours, fewer full-time jobs, more supervisors and postmasters working (probably off the clock) to ensure work does get done - right or wrong.

The Regional Coordinator's Office, APWU Clerk Craft Directors in Washington and Congressman Sestak are looking into this practice. But, you our members/non-members are letting them do it by agreeing to use your annual leave. You better believe if you put administrative leave on that 3971 this would stop. Another lesson on how the USPS bites the hand that feeds them - they cry about lost revenue and volume down and then they cut off their noses to spite their faces.

It all sounds like they are secretly working for our competitors, FedEx and UPS. But if you allow them to do it, they certainly will! Each year your office hour allotment will be less!


March, 2009 - Democratic Talk Radio has given their First Annual Labor Hero of the Year Award to Fran Friel, President of the Pennsylvania Postal Workers for moving his union convention from the hotel in Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania to honor a picket line by the Laborers (LIUNA) Local 135 and the Painters (IUPAT) this past summer.

The local encountered significant legal costs and maybe other even larger financial costs by their actions in support of the union brothers and sisters in the building trades.