By Mark Hennessy

Are you doing all you can to protect your job? Are you making the correct moves from one LCD duty to your new LCD duty? This is extremely important as the USPS is constantly coming up with new ways to crunch the numbers to take away more hours and positions from the craft. In the private sector industries, they call this a time study. So, the USPS is doing the same with all these new programs; you know the names - seesaw, etc.

What you don't know and we find out, is that when the service crunches all these numbers, they end up on graphs showing just about anything you can imagine. Mostly it spells out lost time - failure to show what, where you were doing versus what you should have actually been inputting. These moves are critical to keeping your 8 hour position and your job.

Why do you think offices are reporting the service has removed POS machines from their counter line and reduced your hours on the window or even added new duties you were not doing prior? The reason - you are not entering all your required info on your P.O.S. and are eliminating your own position. Longer lines, less help is happening because you will not do your job correctly.

It is amazing how many members call and complain about this, yet they fail to realize they are their own worst enemy in the end. DO YOUR JOB - CORRECTLY! SAVE YOUR JOB!!

In Unionism,

Mark Hennessy


Safety and Health

  • Cheryl Carr, Chairperson
  • Birgit Clarke
  • Tom Hickey
  • Mike Boyle
  • Steve Shader (alternate)
  • Pete Stunzi (alternate)
  • Jack Burke (alternate)
  • Bill Cranston (alternate)

Retiree Committee

  • Fred Heller, Chairperson
  • Connie Campisi
  • Mark Hennessy

Nomination/Election Committee

  • Jim Ruane, Chairperson
  • Janice Scott
  • Pete Stunzi
  • Venus Jenkins
  • Sherri Rupert (alternate)
  • Chris Tait (alternate)

Picnic Committee

  • Lindamarie Peabody
  • Rhonda Foreacre

Christmas Committee

  • Lindamarie Peabody
  • Rhonda Foreacre
  • Mark Hennessy
  • Cathy DeProspero
  • Marty Peabody
  • Pam O'Rangers

Recreation and Welfare Committee

  • Lindamarie Peabody
  • Fred Heller
  • Rich Brown
  • Allen Haley
  • Jim Gray

AFL-CIO DELEGATE - Montgomery County

  • Bill Paris
  • Venus Jenkins
  • Sherri Rupert

AFL-CIO DELEGATE - Delaware County

  • Carol Ann Santosusso
  • Gail Ganiszewski
  • Jack Burke

AFL-CIO DELEGATE - Chester County

  • Birgit Clarke
  • Rich Bellwoar
  • Elaine Stead


August 5 Norristown M. Washington R. Brown DeMarco
August 11 Wynnewood Class Action C. Santosusso Kelly
August 12 Sharon Hill Class Action F. Heller Vaughn
September 1 Norristown M. Washington R. Brown Rigler
September 8 Essington J. Sulton Heller/Brown Kelly