By Mark Hennessy

The membership has spoken! Well, no not really, only a small portion of the membership has spoken. It is just like the national political scene as well as most local elections. Why do voters - citizens - not take the time to exercise this right to elect leaders to LEAD? A ledger must be drawn on past performance versus empty promises for the future. On the local and national scene, it is all about dollars and who can outdo the other candidates with endorsements from whatever group wanting favors or to be taken care of when it concerns their industries or businesses directly. It is no wonder a majority of the electorate stay home and say it doesn't really matter if they vote or not, because it seems the candidates are all the same. Sometimes it is very difficult to separate the promises from what the candidate has done in the past and what they will do in the future - my future! This also seemed to be the case in our national APWU elections. Were those people who actually did vote unhappy with our present contract or the future contracts that lie ahead of us? Are they unhappy with the status quo or just the candidates? OK, what about Tri County members? How did they vote? To put it mildly, only 62 people out of a possible 210 eligible voters took the time to return their ballots. A measley 29.5 percent of us decided our future was important enough to vote in our leaders in the national APWU. It was dismal to say the least and the worst I have seen with my years in this local. (Check out page 3 of the print newsletter for the official results of the Tri County area local.) The 29.5 percent have spoken and exercised their right to be involved, to speak up and send a message to our national officers that we need a change and we expect that the membership will be represented better in the next few years. What really is the message here? Are 62 people really the only ones who are attending meetings, supporting COPA and contacting their congressmen and congresswomen when asked to do so? Is the apathy so bad that the other 70.5 percent of our members do not care about their job, their leaders, their stewards, their officers and what is happening to the USPS? Sadly, this seems to be the case at hand. What is needed is that United States government official in the red, white and blue hat and clothing pointing his finger with the caption: I WANT YOU! It is time to visualize what is meant by that and come forward. Now is the time to be more passionate about your future and the future of the USPS! Get involved, stay current on issues we are facing and fight to keep the world's best Postal Service and your job well into the future!

In Solidarity,
Mark Hennessy