2005 Elections

All incumbent Officers were unopposed and therefore will be returning to their positions for the 2006-2008 three-year period. I am sure all the Officers thank you for the confidence you have in their abilities to carry out their duties and represent our members to the fullest contractual extent. They are all commended for their hard work and diligence in performing all the duties the President and members ask of them.


We clearly are at a loss in the reasoning why we have so many non-members and members leaving the Union with no explanations. All Officers and Stewards need to address this situation with utmost urgency. We are preparing a questionnaire to mail out to every non-member for the input on why they choose not to belong. More to follow.

Welcome Back

Welcome back Crystal Perry-German, who won her arbitration case to be transferred to Lansdowne from her original office Norristown by way of Upper Darby Post Office. Crystal was our former Human Relations Director and did a great job. We know she will again be active at Lansdowne and within the Local. We also are hopeful as the former Vice President of the Upper Darby Local she can stimulate those members to agree to merge with the Tri County Area Local. Hopefully as we reported earlier by the end of this year. We also plan talks with the West Chester Local on merger. We welcome any Member-At-Large (MAL) offices within Chester and Bucks County wishing to merge into our Local. If you as Stewards have contact with other APWU members in any of these M.A.L. offices, let them know of the benefits of belonging to Tri County Area Local - The First Area Local.

Contract Extension

The National NEB and rank and rile Bargaining Unit Committee and our Local voted overwhelmingly to approve the contract extension based on the merits of alternative possible arbitration where you are in a crap shoot to be divided with both sides getting something and losing something and then having the other unions bargaining and receiving more than we were forced to accept. Maybe for once they can all agree to bargain jointly for the betterment of all collectively before we are all destroyed by the Bush Administration.

In Unionism,

Mark Hennessy