By Mark Hennessy

We will survive as a union and foremost as postal "SERVICE" employees! The more they take the service out of U.S. Postal and replace it with a "business" there has been trouble.

Has this been a conspiracy from the moment the 2006 Postal Enhancement Law was signed? There are anti-postal forces around for years advocating PRIVATIZATION. In the late nineteen eighties, the famous (if not forgotten) Washington DC debate with then-APWU President Moe Biller and think-tank fellow James C. Miller - yes, the same James C. Miller, Postal Governor member appointed by none other than George Bush, former President. How much does USPS pay each year to pre-fund the retiree accounts? For how many years? And just how can any agency/business be expected to come up with that amount of money?

Why wasn't this fought by all the postal unions and our? friends? in Congress? Think about this for a minute. Just how could anyone expect any government agency and any business to be able to pay this type of amount against any projected income from collected revenues solely from the sale of postal stamps and related services?

Someone has been hoodwinked and somewhere right from the beginning. Conspiracy certainly comes to mind. As they would say in Flatbush, "We was duped!"

But we can right the ship; we can fight by making our voices heard. Actions speak louder than words - have you contributed to COPA? Have you made that phone call or signed that petition when asked by your union? Every bit helps - Union is what is is - U-(you)-nion - together we belong united for a course - now it is for our very existence.

Many are absolutely devoted to scare tactics! Can you really see putting 200,000 workers off the rolls as being proposed by the infamous Congressman Issa and colleague Ross and even our PMG Donohue? Now and tomorrow, not yesterday, is to stand up and be counted!

It is your job, your future to retirement; they are trying to take it away. Be ready for a possible bus ride for all union rallies in DC! Remember those of the past? History does repeat itself. Tri County will be ready for the call.

All aboard - save the USPS!

In Solidarity,
Mark Hennessy