July 30, 2009

Mr. Paul Janssen
Interim Borough Manager
Borough of Yeadon
Church Lane and Baily Road
PO Box 5187
Yeadon, PA 19050

Re: USPS Yeadon Branch Finance Office

Dear Mr. Janssen,

This letter is in support of keeping the Yeadon Branch Post Office open to the citizens of the Borough.

The Postal Service (?) seems to forget that they are just that - a service to the public under the Constitution and the Postal Reform Act of 1970.

To ask the citizens to make the trek to the main office in Lansdowne when there is one right within their community is just not providing service but actually pushes the community to seek our competitors or use alternate means of communication.

One adage to the community would be - use it or lose it! This surely wakes people up when they know they are going to lose something that they take for granted.

For our only one clerk we represent in Yeadon it means a lot, but the bigger picture is we need the community to use the USPS, not let it flounder along or be eliminated.

Communication to one another in whatever form to our loved ones - a card or a serviceman/woman overseas in the form of gift packages, etc. is not something the American people want to lose sight of.

We hope the community, both residents and businesses, foresee the loss they will have to endure with the closing of the Yeadon Post Office.

In a recent MSNBC online poll, the question was asked: What is your reaction to the possibility of your local Post Office, Branch or Station closing and how would it affect you? There were varied comments solicited, some bad, but the majority positive. The ratio was 15 to 1 in favor of not losing their local office. Enough said!

Hopefully the Yeadon community will stir up in protest, but in more commanding terms not take the Yeadon Post Office for granted but use it - or lose it!


Mark Hennessy, President