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by Vice President Carol Ann Santosusso

Window clerks, do you know what an SSRD report is and have you ever seen one?

In case you didn’t know, it is a report that shows every transaction you do at the window and also records when nothing is happening on your machine. These periods of time where no transactions are logged in are known as Lag time. If your Lag times are under five minutes, you usually don’t hear about it. Anything over five minutes would be a failed mystery shop, so they are looked at by management.

I am encouraging all window clerks to use the Lag time sheets to record other activities you are doing, such as box mail or writing up certifieds, so that when a postmaster asks a clerk or union official about it, the sheets should explain what you were doing all day.

The report and Lag time sheet should match up and be close to what happened for the day. Don’t list a passport on the Lag time sheet, when in fact one was never entered into the system on that day because management can check that too.

These SSRD reports can also be used against management. In level 18 offices, if you think your PM is working more than the allotted 15 hours per week, your steward can request the daily SSRD summary report for the week for that PM. There is a line that shows visit time and if you add it up and it is over the 15 hours, the union can file a 1.6b grievance for supervisors performing our work.

These reports are being used to hold clerks accountable, but they can also be used to hold management accountable as well!

One final note...PLEASE use your non-revenue button on your RSS. We lose so much time for all the work we do because we don’t push the button!

Happy Spring!

In union solidarity,

Carol Ann Santosusso
Vice President