by Vice President Carol Ann Santosusso

Hi everyone! From all the emails, texts and calls I am answering, I thought I would write this article for all of you PTFs and PSEs who have never attended a union meeting. I want you to know that it is perfectly acceptable for a postmaster/supervisor to ask you to go to another office and work. We as union members do NOT want them closing a window even for a lunch hour break, because once you lose it you will never get it back. I understand that no one likes change and only wants to work where they feel comfortable, but in this day and age whereby the postal service wants to cut hours and clerk jobs, we don’t want to help them do it by refusing to work when needed. You also risk the chance of discipline for not following a direct order from management. If you are told you must report to a different office, this is NOT a grievance, but rather the dues you must pay before you someday become an employee with a fixed schedule. If however you believe you are not fairly being chosen for the duties, you still must go and then call your union steward to investigate the matter. Also, if you are scheduled to work on a Sunday to sort Amazon parcels, then you must report for duty. On Sundays, Amazon parcels only take a few hours to sort, so working this shift is part of your job, not a regular because they are guaranteed eight hours of work. On a positive note, as this article is being written, your National Officers are fighting hard to improve the contract and trying to reclaim the forty hour work week. This will end the three tier system by giving all employees, including PTFs and PSEs, equal work for equal pay. You can get involved with the union by calling your local officers at the union hall at (610) 544-6415. We will take all volunteers who want to get involved and learn more about the union and how we can help improve working conditions for everyone!


On Wednesday, March 4th, four of your local officers attended a seminar concerning contract negotiations and what our role must be in the process. It was hosted by the APWU, but the major speaker was Bill Fletcher, Jr., from the American Federation of Government employees. He spoke on the contract negotiations that started on February 19th and about how the National APWU wants us all to be involved from our National President all the way down to each and every member. It is urgent that we act now and let all of our customers know what we want, so they can help us when we need them to do so. We must spread the word to our members and the general public about what is happening during negotiations, so that the USPS can’t get away with anything that the public is unaware of which will hurt them in the end. We need all the help we can get to accomplish this mission. If you can spare some time, please call us at (610) 544-6415. (Leave your contact info and we will call you back.) The main issues that we want the public to know are as follows:

  • We want offices that are staffed properly (to stop the long lines and wait time failures)
  • We want no more subcontracting of our work to others (NO to Staples, or private trucking services)
  • We want our 40 hour work week back the way it was for all employees to make a living wage
  • We want to reduce closures and plant consolidations, and restore overnight service
  • Investigate expansion of postal service that includes postal banking
  • Return all our work to trusted postal employees who are sworn to uphold the sanctity of the mail
  • Save the national treasure of the USPS and make it viable and healthy for the future

We know that if we stand together, fight together and WORK together we can accomplish anything. The time is now to save our jobs and make the service the best it can be. Call now and just do it!

In union solidarity,

Carol Ann Santosusso
Vice President