by Vice President Carol Ann Santosusso

While attending the clerk craft conference in October, I attended a class on local negotiations. We should all be reviewing our local agreements and be familiar with all the issues covered within them. We don’t want you to wait until management asks to review them and then panic over all the changes they will want to make. They explained how to approach the situation if the union is wanting to open the local, and how to handle it if management wants to change anything. If anyone reads it and feels that they want to address changing it, please call me and I will help you with it. If you decide to tackle it on your own, just make sure that you use the words MUST and WILL whenever that language could change the intended agreement. These words leave no doubt as to the intent and will help if any grievances occur as a result.

I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving and wonderful Holiday Season. See you at the next meeting!

In union solidarity,

Carol Ann Santosusso
Vice President