By Carol Ann Santosusso, Executive Vice President/Chief Steward
February 2005 newsletter

For the past 11 years I was a full time window clerk and I am still a Union Steward and Officer. As a window clerk, I, like every other window clerk out there, learned to take short cuts to speed up the window and reduce the lines. As a Union Officer, I am telling all window clerks to stop this practice immediately. Let the machine dictate the lines. Work at the speed of the machine and make sure that you are inputting EVERY transaction as it happens and giving receipts as well. It is our responsibility to do our jobs according to postal procedures and one procedure is to put EVERY (NO EXCEPTIONS) transaction into the POS system. Failure to do so could lead to possible discipline, or worse yet, removal.

If your machines are running slow and the line is consistently backed up, tell your Steward so they can try and help with the situation. Again, I say do NOT take short cuts. Work at the pace of your machine. Do not worry about the line being out the door or the 5 minute wait in line for the mystery shopper program. We are not responsible for those points ~ management is. It is their job to staff the window properly for the workload. We are only responsible for the retail issues such as the hazmat questions, complete and proper uniform and explaining our retail products and services.

One last thing that I know if you attend any Union meeting, you have heard this before: YOU MUST NEVER EVER speak to a postal inspector unless a Union Official is with you. As soon as you ask for a Union Steward, all communication must stop until you are represented.