National All-Craft Conference News, October 2011

by Carol Ann Santosusso

All of you who call the union office, stewards and/or officers to report that management is doing our work, please read this and help us help you because without the following information, we cannot help. When you call and say the Postmaster or Supervisor is doing clerk work, that is great, but we need to know specifics. For offices over Level 18 we need to know: office opening and closing times for all six days, including Saturdays.

  • PM/clerk/carrier - start and end times
  • Window hours for all 6 days
  • Mail arrival times for all 6 days
  • Distribution "up" time
  • PO Box "up" time
  • Carrier departure and return times
  • Final dispatch for all 6 days

Stewards who are doing the grievances for this need to interview everyone, including carriers and postmasters. You can request the USPS form 3930 for mail volumes for the days involved, as well as CSAW, SOV and/or Function 4 reports for the office.

Smaller offices Level 18 if a PM and/or supervisor does more than 15 hours of bargaining unit work per week, we would also need the above item from you.

Level 15 and 16 offices - your PM and/or supervisor is only allowed to work up to 25 hours of work per week or the same is needed from you.

Most importantly, we are going by the level of office you were as of November 21, 2010, so if you were a Level 20 on November 10, 2010, you are still a Level 20.

Offices having lobby directors - this is clerk work; the introduction of the program says "friendly, knowledgeable and uniformed clerk" and lobby sweeps are also clerks. This is part of the function keys on the POS ONE.

PSE issues - the employer will make EVERY EFFORT to insure that qualified and available part time flexible employees are utilized at the straight time rate prior to assigning such work to PSE's. In 21 and below offices, PSE's in a retail/customer service who work the window will not exceed 205 of the career retail clerks in that installation whose duties include working the window. Rounding up rule of .5 and above applies. When the hours worked by the PSE on the window demonstrate the need for a full time preferred duty assignment, such assignments will be posted for bid within the section.

PSE's cannot work more than 8 hours per day if an ODL (Overtime Desired List) person is available. The ODL must be maxed out before PSE gets overtime. They can work anywhere qualified.

PSE's can be used in other installations and are forced in before regulars for holidays. If they call out, they must use AL or SL. Function 4 PSE can do Function 1 work but Function 1 PSE cannot do Function 4 work.

PSE's will not be assigned to higher level assignments within function 4, e.g. LSSA, Bulk Mail Tech, Special Postal Clerk, Lead clerk except when no career employee is available.

All of these issues are clerk work and must be policed by our clerks and stewards. If you don't have a steward, please call the union office and provide all the information we need to file a good grievance.

F101 Handbookk changes: POS One cash retained tolerance is going up to $10 and drawers need to be counted every quarter now.

All NTFT's get 8 hours holiday pay because regulars get 80 hours holiday pay per year. So if an NTFT clerk is normally scheduled 6 hours on a holiday, on the holiday they get paid 8 hours.

Walgreen's is to have offices from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. staffed with postal employees.

American Express and USPS are working together to sell cards.

If an occupied traditional clerk FTR duty assignment is reposted as a non-traditional full-time assignment, all duty assignments occupied by employees junior to the incumbent in that assignment will also be reposted for in-section bidding.

In union solidarity,

Carol Ann Santosusso
Vice President